Frequently Asked Questions About Grass Fences

Due to recent developments in our world, such as the pandemic and wars, people are now not only defining their boundaries in living spaces such as homes, shops, and factories but also placing importance on privacy. During the pandemic, we were compelled to spend time in our homes and live an isolated life from the outside world.

In these challenging times, people who wish to spend time with their family members in the gardens of their homes have shown increased interest in our grass fence wire product, which provides a natural look, aesthetics, long-term durability, and privacy by preventing the interior from being visible from the outside.

The grass fence is a product obtained by compressing UV-resistant PVC grass with a thickness of 100 microns between two hot-dip galvanized wires with a diameter of Ø 1.60 mm. It is created by weaving the grassy wires into a mesh shape after the compression of the grass. No adhesive is used in the combination of grass and wires. It is obtained by compression between two wires and does not contain any harmful substances to health.

By using grass fences, we ensure the protection of your privacy in your living spaces.

Do you have an old, rusty fence? Is it expensive to replace your old fence? By installing a grass fence on your existing fence, you can obtain a double fence and provide privacy with its natural and green appearance.

We produce grass fence wire products with different eye intervals, including Hectograss, Decorgrass, Septagrass, and Megagrass.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Grass Fence

Grass fences are produced in rolls, and each roll has a standard opening length of 10 meters.
Fence heights range from 100 cm to 200 cm.
With high UV resistance, it can be easily used in countries with high temperatures such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Qatar.

Here are some questions and answers about grass fences:

Q: How do you maintain grass fence wire mesh?
A: There is no special maintenance requirement for grass fences. It is sufficient to wash them with water occasionally to remove any accumulated dirt. In regions with heavy rainfall, this may not be necessary.
Q: Does the grass fence fade?
A: Thanks to its high UV resistance, the grass fence is long-lasting. It retains its original color for a minimum of 3 years. After 3 years, it gradually turns to a light green color.
Q: What is the lifespan of grass fences?
A: On average, the lifespan of grass fences is 10 years.
Q: Can I mount grass fences on existing fences?
A: Yes, you can easily mount grass fences on existing old fences. This allows you to enjoy privacy with the grass fence without the need to remove and renew the old fences with a high budget.
Q: I don’t have an existing fence, but I want to limit my area with a grass fence. What materials do I need?
A: If you want to install a grass fence with a height between 100 cm and 150 cm, you need to install one 50x50x1.5 or 2.00 mm profile post every 250 centimeters. Then, by using plastic clamps or galvanized binding wires, you can stretch the grass fence to each post and install it.
Q: Do you produce grass fences in different colors?
A: Yes.
Q: You mentioned that the rolls of grass fences are 10 meters. Can they be produced longer?
A: They can be produced longer or shorter. It can be 5 meters or 20 meters. The reason we produce the standard length of 10 meters is to keep it light. An average of 1 m² of grass fence weighs 2100 grams. However, if you want it longer or shorter, we can produce it.

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