Construction Wires

Construction Wires – Black Annealed Wire

SEPTA FENCE takes pride in producing high-quality black annealed construction wires, ranging from 0.89 mm to 4.00 mm. Our meticulous manufacturing process involves subjecting the wire to an intense 11-hour annealing treatment in ovens set at temperatures between 900 to 950 degrees Celsius.

Black annealed construction wires from SEPTA FENCE are known for their exceptional strength, flexibility, and uniformity. This annealing process imparts crucial properties to the wire, enhancing its malleability and making it well-suited for various construction applications.

These wires, bearing the SEPTA FENCE brand, offer reliable solutions for framing, concrete reinforcement, fencing, and other construction needs. The black annealed finish not only provides a sleek appearance but also contributes to the wire’s corrosion resistance.

Whether used in residential, commercial, or industrial construction projects, SEPTA FENCE’s black annealed construction wires stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier materials. Our focus on quality ensures that these wires meet and exceed industry standards, providing builders and contractors with a reliable foundation for their construction endeavors. Black Annealed Wire.

Technical Details

ProductConstruction Wires
Raw MaterialLow carbon steel, SAE 1006 – SAE 1008
Wire DiametersØ 0,89 mm
Ø 1,00 mm
Ø 1,20 mm
Ø 1,50 mm
Ø 2,00 mm
Ø 2,00 mm – 4,00 mm
Tensile Strength300 – 450 N/mm²
% Elongation– 32
Annealing Duration9 – 11 Hours
Annealing Temperature900° – 950° 
Packaging25 – 50 Kg Coils

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