Concertina Razor Wires

SEPTA FENCE Spiral Razor Wires: Ideal Solution for Property Security with High Standards

Known as barbed tape, razor wire is not only easy to install but also serves as both a visual deterrent and a formidable physical barrier, making climbing extremely challenging. Crafted from galvanized or stainless steel, it is tailored to different environments and security grades. The razor tape is highly resistant to crushing or trampling, and cutting it without specialized tools is nearly impossible – even with such tools, the process remains slow and hazardous.

In today’s world, property security is becoming increasingly crucial. At SEPTA FENCE, we have developed spiral razor wires in response to this growing need for security, providing our customers with the most effective solutions. These robust barrier systems stand out for their durable materials, effective deterrence, and versatile application areas.

Durable and Reliable Materials

SEPTA FENCE’s spiral razor wires are crafted from long-lasting and robust materials. Specifically using stainless steel or galvanized steel, these wires exhibit resistance against various weather conditions, ensuring security for many years. This provides property owners with a long-term and reliable security solution.

Effective Deterrence

Spiral razor wires are designed with a cutting and prickly structure, offering an effective deterrent feature. This characteristic provides efficient protection against potential threats and prevents unauthorized entries. Consequently, property owners can achieve an advanced level of security.

Flexible Design and Easy Installation

SEPTA FENCE’s spiral razor wires are known for their flexible designs and easy installation features. These wires can be customized for use in various property types and can be quickly mounted. The flexible design allows adaptation to various application areas.

Wide Range of Applications

Spiral razor wires offer a broad range of applications. They can be successfully utilized in various settings, including prisons, military facilities, border security, energy plants, and industrial facilities. This versatility provides customers with a customizable solution for various security needs.

If you are seeking a robust solution for property security, SEPTA FENCE’s spiral razor wires stand out with durability, effective deterrence, and a broad range of applications. Contact us for security solutions tailored to your needs. Elevate security to the next level with SEPTA FENCE!

Technical Details

Product Type  Concertina Razor Barbed Wire
Raw Materials  Hot Dipped Galvanized Wires , AISI 430 Steel Wires , AISI 304 Steel Wires
Core Wires  AISI 304 , AISI 430 Steel Wires or Hot Dipped Galvanized Wires
Core Wire Diameters  Ø 2,50 mm
Blade Thickness  0,50 mm
Available Blade Types  BTO 10  – Short Blade
BTO 22 – Medium Blade
CBT 65 – Butterfly Blade
Available Coil Diameters  Ø 450 mm
Ø 600 mm
Ø 900 mm

BTO 10 Technical Details

Barb Thickness 0,50 mm
Barb Length 10 mm 
Barb Width  13 mm
Barb Spacing  25 mm
Core Wire Diameter  Ø 2,50 mm

BTO 22 Technical Details

Barb Thickness 0,50 mm
Barb Length 22 mm 
Barb Width  16 mm
Barb Spacing  35 mm
Core Wire Diameter  Ø 2,50 mm

CBT 65 Technical Details

Barb Thickness 0,50 mm
Barb Length 65 mm 
Barb Width  51 mm
Barb Spacing  100 mm
Core Wire Diameter  Ø 2,50 mm

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